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Hoyt's Cologne

  • Are you interested in learning how to create your own oils so you can enhance your magical workings? Or maybe you are like me and you want to add yet another oil to your ever growing stash, *cough, cough, hoard, cough* of essential magical oils because they are all useful in their own unique ways. Then coming up this July 13th, 2018 at 6:30pm at Bella’s Grove is the monthly Mystic Oil class. Or you can purchase Handcrafted Hoyt's Cologne at Bella's for $11.95

This month’s class will be focusing on Hoyt’s Cologne. Whether you are an experienced witch or a newbie, be assured that this oil will soon become a staple in many of your workings. Because in this day and age when everything is so complex, who doesn’t need a bit of luck?

Hoyt’s Cologne can be used in a variety of different workings, such as (but not limited to):

· Luck in Gambling

· Dressing Mojo Bags

· Drawing Money

· Cleansing Ritual Tools

While this may seem to be a rather wide range of uses for one scent, we’ll be taking a look into the scent family that Hoyt’s Cologne belongs in and a brief glance into the history of how this particular scent was developed. Of course, by attending the class, not only will you get your own bottle of Hoyt’s Cologne that you prepared yourself, but you will also get the recipe which will reveal the various notes and fragrance’s used to create Hoyt’s Cologne.

As mentioned above, Hoyt’s Cologne has a rather wide variety of uses, from dressing mojo bags, to cleansing ritual tools, much like the more widely known Florida Water. Indeed, this is because both scents are from the same scent family, descending from their common ancestor, the original cologne that was developed in Cologne, Germany, 4711. Hoyt’s Cologne is much stronger in scent than Florida Water, but on the other end of the spectrum, it is lighter in scent than 4711.

If you are interested in obtaining a bottle of 4711, easily found on various distribution websites, but Bella’s Grove will be offering a class on how to make this scent, so stay tuned to the Bella’s Grove Facebook page.

Eli Waite Hoyt, who was the proud owner of a successful apothecary, developed Hoyt’s Cologne in the year 1868. Hoyt originally named his masterpiece Hoyt’s German Cologne, a direct reference to the scent that had inspired him. As a side note, the name was changed to just Hoyt’s Cologne during the era of World War Two, as anything with a Germanic reference was considered to be in poor taste in the America’s. Hoyt’s Cologne showed its luck and money drawing abilities early on, as it quickly became his primary moneymaker. In fact, after seven years had passed Hoyt was able to sell his apothecary and focus all of his attention on making Hoyt’s Cologne.

Hoyt’s Cologne didn’t really become a staple in gambling, money, and luck drawing magic’s until the 1900’s. Pharmacies and stores who carried Hoyt’s Cologne would quickly sell out of the scent on nights when the gambling dens were busy. When gambling, users of Hoyt’s Cologne would rub the cologne between their hands before starting to gamble or just pour an entire bottle of Hoyt’s Cologne over their head in order to gain the luck drawing properties of the cologne. Some users would even go so far as to add Hoyt’s to their bathwater before going out to try their luck at the tables.

With all the strong magical properties, it isn’t surprising that Hoyt’s Cologne soon became a staple in dressing mojo bags, primarily as a luck or money drawing agent. If you want to imbue any of these properties into your mojo bag, simply add a few drops of Hoyt’s Cologne onto the mojo bag, concentrating hard on your intent. Continue to feed the bag Hoyt’s Cologne in this manner every day in order to continuing drawing this power into the mojo bag and by in turn, to you.

Now, to be clear, Hoyt’s Cologne while commonly used to bring luck to gamblers, isn’t exclusively used to bring luck to just gamblers. Since it is in the same scent family as Florida Water and 4711, you can also use it to cleanse your ritual tools. And a definite advantage of doing this is that your ritual tools will also be imbued with luck and money drawing abilities.

To use Hoyt’s Cologne in this manner, simply go about cleansing your ritual tools as you normally do, only this time add Hoyt’s Cologne into whatever wash or oil you use in order to cleanse the tool in question.

So if you are interested in learning how to make some Hoyt’s Cologne for yourself, then come to Bella’s Grove this July 13th, 2018 at 6:30 pm to learn how to make it.

One last idea for your use of Hoyt’s Cologne is a money-drawing spell that uses Hoyt’s Cologne, along with a few other easy to obtain ingredients. You can find any of these ingredients at either a craft store or at Bella’s Grove.

Money Drawing Spell

· Lodestone

· Money (Preferably a $50.00 - $100.00)

· Hoyt’s Cologne

· Money Oil

· Magnetic Sand

Obtain a large Lodestone and thoroughly wash it with Hoyt’s Cologne. Get to know the stone, divine a name, meditate with it, put some of your energy into it then dress it with Money Oil. After this is accomplished, put the lodestone in a dish along with the money. Feed the Lodestone a pinch, but no more, of magnetic sand each day when you wake up in order to draw money to you.

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