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On-line Elemental Apprentice 13 Month Course

On-line Elemental Apprentice 13 Month Course

13 month course - One day a month $850 

Payment plan is avalible must pay for first class and agree to auto pay $70 a month for 12 months.


Reclaim your power, your beauty, your strength, and your ability to use the gifts of the earth and universe.

Do you sense a longing and desire? Something has been missing from your life, something you have desperately needed, something you cannot name?

It is in the air you breath, the ground you walk... It has been asleep all these years.

You seek to know, to learn of the great mysteries, and to walk the path of those who honor the ancient ones. Your thirst for the knowledge of what came before, ... before this world became unbalanced.

Take the first steps on this path and learn the Craft of the Wise. It begins with a longing and evolves into tradition. You now have a name for the things that were once purely instinctual. You discover that others share your beliefs... You are not alone.

Walk the path of Discovery with Us!

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to find your personal, unique path within your chosen area of study.

In this 13 month study of the Craft you will experience:

* Attuning yourself to the powers of nature
* Experiencing the elements and correspondences
* Meditation and Chakra Knowledge
* Learning about the history of paganism, deities, ritual, and divination.
* Practicing basic Ritual components
* Altar tools and set up, Ritual and spell crafting
* Deeper experience of nature and energy
* Finding/crafting magickal and ritual objects
* Further information and discussions on subjects like history, your Shadow, dedication.
* Getting to know the nature that surrounds you
* Developing habits of spending time in nature
* Experiencing Herbs close up and personal
* Field trips to enhance your learning experience
* Assignments, homework, and commitments
* Quantum Physics
* Science of Magick
* Reiki I and II attunement

*Much more! Enroll Now!

The cost for this course is $850.00 ~ (13 plus months at $66.00 per month) payments continue until the course is finished. 

Believing In You!
Woventear 208-570-4247 and or William 208-616-2323

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