Bitch Be Gone

Bitch Be Gone


No one enjoys being around some one, or a group, that beats them down, degrades them, causes issues in their home, love, or work life. These types of people can wear down and break a person on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, either in one go, but more commonly, over time. They may exhaust you and your resources, whether it's money, food, shelter, or mental and emotional capacity, talk negatively about you behind your back, including spreading rumors and falsehoods about you, or talk down to you to your face.


Bitch-B-Gone, as well as other banishing products in the shop, have been utilized to rid one's life of such negative people, either by shielding ones self from their energy-leeching, stopping their tongues from wagging against you, getting people with such intentions to keep their distance from you; most often, but not always, by raising one's vibrations to a frequency that is above that of the perpetrator, thus lifting one's energy to a level where the toxic person will no longer want to be around.


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