House or Office Blessing or Cleansing

House or Office Blessing or Cleansing

Cleansings are sometimes needed to help clear out old, stagnant, or negative energies, or

energies of previous occupants in houses or other buildings. This helps to clear the way for

blessings to flow in for the new or current occupants without them being burdened by the

baggage of those who were there before. This is one reason why cleansing a place before moving in is so commonly recommended, and often practiced, by a number of people. Sometimes, it acts as a way of getting the energy in the building to flow in a manner that is conducive to it's purpose; sometimes it is used to clear out build-ups of stagnant energy that impedes the natural flow; and other times, it is used to remove particularly strong build-ups of energies, or entities, that are actively working against the inhabitants.


There are a myriad of tools available. It should be noted that not all items used for cleansings

will necessarily be best suited for all situations. Some will help will the regular day-to-day clean

up, such as Sage, Basil, and Angelica, as well as certain oils, such as Peaceful Home. Other ones

help in elevating the vibrations in a dwelling to drive out the stagnant energy, such as

Frankincense, Cedar, and Palo Santo. For more extensive forms of cleansings, this is where

everything comes together, including cleansing, blessing, and sealing the area against negative energies and vibrations.


We offer House and Business cleansing services, whether they are for a new home you are

moving in to, or a building that you have lived in for some time that perhaps has some unsettling energies within.