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Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

This is a good option for anyone in any type of relationship. Seriously, any type. Romantic, platonic, or familial. Trouble in paradise? Getting to know someone new? Could he be the one? What are her motives? Is there a future with them? Co-worker conflict? Family issues? This reading can handle whatever you throw at it. 

I strongly urge you to recognize toxic people and relationships as they appear. No tarot reading in the world can substitute for personal health and safety.

Once I receive your query, I will meditate on your situation, draw cards, and give you an interpretation that speaks to you and your specific circumstance.
Readings, can be in person, depending on your location or over the phone  with a photo of the spread. On occasion I can do a video of your reading.
Please leave your question/concern in as much or as little detail as you feel is necessary and, the first names of the parties involved in the notes during checkout.

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