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Happy Spring!

Bella's Grove's physical location is permanently closed... We were unable to find a location that would meet all of our needs.  But that doesn't mean we are not doing business and active within the community. Treasure Valley Witches Group and our Organizers are still holding events, services, and classes.


Check out our new Products, Services, Workings, Courses, and Readings in our

Online Store

Note: As we prepare to rebuild our inventory, we are offering discounted prices on our online purchases. Free Shipping on $50 or more.  Delivery times for orders 1-3 weeks

Welcome to our online store! Bella's Grove offers supplies for the Spirited and Magickally Inclined.


We are a Local Hub for Idaho Pagan Communities: 

* Woventear call or text 208-570-4247

* The Treasure Valley Witches 

* The Moonlight Mystics

* House of Mystery

* Boise Henna Designs

* Ways of the Witch NEW online course - website under construction

* Wild Witch Market

We offer Spiritual Guidance, Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Energetic / Vibrational Healing, Witchcraft and Vodou Work, Spells, Rituals, Sabbat Celebrations, Full and Dark Moon Ceremonies, Classes, Tarot, Runes, Intuitive, and Oracle Readings, Jewelry, Pendulums, Crystals, Incense, Books and More!

We are a Large Community of Like Minded we call Family 

 We are very proud to support and feature local talented Artists!

Contact Woventear at 208-570-4247



Our History

Since 2005, Bella's Grove has become a well-known Authentic Witch/Vodou/Pagan/Herbal Supply Shop in Boise Idaho. What started out as a quest for knowledge and community has now become our passion... and we are delighted to share with you. We are very proud to have many years of happy customers and look forward to continuing our magick for years to come!

Our love for the craft, our customers, and partnerships with local Artists drive who we are and what we do!
Every. Single. Day.


Bella's is saying good-bye to our location of 15 years... And closing until further notice. We are still offering our products and services online for our community. We are taking this time to thank all our customers, artists, friends, and family for your continued support during this period of transition.


Check out our online store for New Products, Readings and Services

This is a new adventure! Happy Dance!

Check for updates by calling or text

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Want to talk to us? Attend a class/event? Call 208-570-4247 or fill out the form... 

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